Sunday, May 09, 2010

Time for the Binding

I got all the binding for the newest baby quilts cut and machine sewn yesterday and, counting the binding for my own courthouse steps quilt, I've got 864 inches to hand stitch. That's after subtracting the one I finished today.

If I quilt the Irish chain that I pin basted this morning, and cut binding for the other baby quilt I got quilted today, the total is going to be more like 1200 inches.


While we were cleaning up the enclosed porch so that the repair guy will be able to pull the washer out of its spot and work on it, Alex found a big box of sewing stuff that I swear I've never seen in my life. Near the top was a yard of unspectacular pink and white striped flannel.

So of course I made a front to go with the potential back --

Instead of batting, I layered it with white flannel (also from the mystery box) and used my walking foot to quilt diagonal lines. I really love how soft this little thing came out.


MissesStitches said...

I think sometimes flannel for batting is a really good thing to use. Not as stiff or bulky, and not too hot.

OneMomCamping said...

Oh my goodness, I wish I lived near you because I would totally help you with that hand-stitching! That's really one of my favorite sewing activities; sitting down, a warm quilt over your knees, and hand-sewing a binding. It just doesn't get any better than that. All your quilts are so beautiful, and I can't believe you have so many! You must fly through them!

Thanks for visiting my blog (Everyday Chaos on wordpress). I think I'm too technically challenged to figure out how to sign my comment with the link on blogger. :) I'm really enjoying yours!

Jo said...

The quilts you have in the picture with this post would make great Bake Shop projects. I would give awny of them a try. The ones with the red bindings could all be jelly roll friendly :)


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