Thursday, May 13, 2010

still dreaming of strawberries

Strawberry Fields is another one of those quilts I plunged into without really looking at the instructions to see what I'd have to do. Not a bad thing in this case, since I think those little pieced two inch squares might have scared me away. They aren't hard at all, just a little fiddly.

Two evenings of work, and I've only got four more blocks to choose fabric for and piece. I cut out my setting triangles already because I'm choosing everything else to go with this red floral and if I actually cut it up, I couldn't get side tracked and not finish the quilt.

My mother's day splurge came yesterday, two Moda scrap bags from Fat Quarter Shop. I love the gorgeous colors. The blue and yellow strips are going to be a lasagna quilt, and I'm sure I can come up with something fun to do with the other set.

Bill's first words when I showed him what Mom sent home with us yesterday were "Don't burn down the house." (Mom had already warned me not to let it fall off of the table and give one of the kids a concussion -- she didn't think I'd actually dare to plug it in because of the cord.)

I am so determined to use this thing! The cord isn't the slightest bit frayed and I promise not to turn my back on it.

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Lori said...

What a cool iron! I bet it is heavy and would press out any seam or wrinkle.
Your Strawberry Fields is looking fantastic!!! You are so close to being done- way to go!!


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