Tuesday, May 18, 2010

something special

I've got a new goal that I've been playing with for a while now, but not actually committed to.

More days than not, I want to do something more than just getting us through the day, whether that's quilting or knitting, an art project or special game with the kids, or taking them for a walk, or making cookies. Something.

I do already do those things, but I want to do more of them.

So today I read the littlest guys my favorite Dr. Seuss story from when I was little. Our copy went missing a long time ago and I had never gotten around to reserving it from the library until this week.

And because I couldn't get motivated to work on any of my current projects, I started a Buttercup Bag. I fell in love with the fabric at Walmart last week and bought a yard for two bucks, and the lining was marked down to a dollar a yard, so I've got a grand total of seventy-five cents invested in this project.

It would be done, but I'm going to stop at Joann's tomorrow and see how much a magnetic snap will cost. Far more than the rest of the project, which makes me a little nuts...but if I add the snap, I'll actually have a chance of using it. And it's too cute not to use.

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Angela said...

So pretty! I love the fabric you chose!


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