Friday, May 28, 2010


I have stashbusted myself into a corner. Or made a stupid mommy-mistake. Either way, it leaves me with the same problem to solve.

My five year old needs a green quilt. He doesn't know he needs a green quilt, but since everything else in that little boy's life MUST be green, and I'm feeling a little guilty about getting rid of the one totally green quilt I've made, the Weed Whacker.

In my defense, I hadn't fully come to appreciate the importance of green when I traded the quilt for some DVDs, I really really wanted those DVDs, and my machine quilting was such a disaster that every time I got near that quilt I wanted to reach for the seam ripper. Sending it to live 7000 miles away seemed like the best idea at the time. (Although I hear that since then it's changed owners and may wind up back in this country.)

Quinn has never missed the green quilt. I've never missed it. I still don't. It's just that I've been snuggled up under the blue bargello and thinking about how neat it would be to make a green one for his bed and I realized that I used most of my favorite greens in the Weed Whacker. I've been using up my other greens in the baby quilts. And he can't have the green that I'm saving for a pink and green scrap quilt for myself...

Guess it's time to dig through my stash and see what I can actually come up with.

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Angela said...

I hadn't seen your Weed Whacker quilt before! It is great! My 12-year-old son LOVES green! I may have to think about something like that for him! (It is a nice masculine pattern!)


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