Tuesday, May 04, 2010

I guess the next logical step after a piecing binge is a quilting binge. I got the three new baby quilts pin basted last night and two of them quilted.

Nothing exciting, just the mindless meandering that I can slip into without really thinking too hard.

There are so many great fabrics in the yellow quilt, all hand-me-down scraps, so it was literally all I had of them. I really wish this one was big enough to snuggle up under.

It'll probably hang around on the quilt ladder for a while, until I'm ready to let it go. I've done that with several of the baby quilts that I didn't want to give up. First it was the red one with the swirling quilting, then the blue and white one. And now that I've made myself a blue and white quilt with swirly quilting, I don't feel so attached to the little ones anymore.

The next step will be a binding binge, but that dosn't sound quite so much fun, does it?

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