Friday, January 22, 2010

Our new table is big enough to lay out and pin baste a baby quilt. Which means that the old table, evil twin to the new table, was also big enough to lay out and baste baby quilts. I just never cleared away all of the schoolbooks for long enough to realize it.

Now that I know about it, I plan to take full advantage. I'm feeling all motivated to make baby quilts after stumbling across the Give a Kid a Quilt blog earlier this week. After struggling to make my last two quilts meet the requirements of Quilts for Kids (100% cotton and nothing re purposed were my biggest stumbling blocks there -- almost none of my quilts, not even the best ones I've made for myself meet their criteria!), I feel like I can do all sorts of things if I don't have to stress so much about the fabric content.

But not until those other two quilts and their four friend are in the mail. I got the 30s coins quilted this afternoon and the binding sewn on. My goal is to get the hand stitching done, then get them washed and in the mail when we go into town next week.

The new baby quilt (which I'm sure has some bits of polyester) is together and I've got backing upstairs.

I love that I can just throw the extra blue squares into my 2 1/2" bin. But I can't figure out where I put the thing.

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