Sunday, January 03, 2010

cheering myself up

I finally made time to sit down at my sewing machine today. It was supposed to happen yesterday, but an incident involving one of my kids (not sure which) and my few pieces of good jewelry, the ones I love but never wear because I'm afraid something will happen to them, left me in a funk. Everything has turned up except for one of the diamond earrings my husband gave me before we were married.

No one will admit to the crime, but I'm suspecting a combination of an older kid who decided to snoop through my things and then left them exposed to a little one who's intrigued by itty bitty shiny stuff. Which could have been any of them.

There are countless itty bitty shiny things lurking in this house -- sequins that have fallen off of clothing, bits of a Christmas garland that fell apart, beads, bits of shimmery confetti from a project of Alex's... I hate itty bitty glittery things that aren't my earring.

I knew that knitting or quilting would help my mood, so I got up before anyone else and did two repeats of the short row scarf I started before Christmas.

After I made breakfast and dug under the couch cushions for the second time, I started a kit from Quilts for Kids. Alex and I were supposed to work on these with Mom before she headed back South for the rest of the winter, but there wasn't time.

The whole top went together fast. I don't do baby quilts like this. I wouldn't have chosen these fabrics. But it was fun and calming and exactly what I needed this morning. I can't wait to get it pin basted and quilted tomorrow.

And I finished cutting the pieces for a new leaders and enders project. None of the WIPs I have left will work and not having anything to use while I was pieced the car quilt together was extremely annoying.

Now my problem is that I want to see how this quilt comes together and will probably sit down and piece the whole thing instead of using it as leaders and enders.

Which wouldn't be a horrible thing.

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