Thursday, January 21, 2010

I bought the book. The library didn't have a copy, so it was either buy my own or wait for Mom to get home in April so I could borrow hers. Or just work it out from the pictures.

Now that I've read the pattern, I don't plan on following it because I don't like to strip piece scrap quilts. Oh well. There are a bunch of cute patterns that I do plan on following later. So it'll work out.

I'm more excited about the bobbins I bought yesterday. Six from the Janome dealer and eight more from Walmart because I wanted to see if the cheap ones would work. I wound one this morning and pieced a few blocks to test out the tension and then kept piecing because I've almost got enough blocks for the blue nine patch and I'm going to have Leftovers Again to use as leaders and enders for everything else once I get the fabric cut.

I've now got enough bobbins wound to finish both of the quilts I've got pin-basted. This is nice.

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