Tuesday, January 05, 2010

My first quilt for 2010 is done.

Now that it's quilted and bound and the label is in place, I still don't like it much. But it's not for me or mine, so I suppose it doesn't matter that I'm not into orange cars.

This isn't for me or mine either (it's for a friend with a baby due in two months) but it's the kind of baby quilt I want to make.

I found the pattern in one of my stacks of old magazines, then ignored it completely and worked from the picture. The one in the directions had checkerboard hearts in two colors, and the setting triangles around the edges were plain. I don't even know what size the blocks were supposed to be, since I had a box of 2 1/2" squares that I was determined to use, I just figured out how big the other pieces needed to be and never measured the templates to check.

That's two projects to scratch off of my "loose ends" list. I was trying to finish free motioning the log cabin tonight, but Alex is planning to take over my machine to start her own quilt. The girl has two sewing machines. Why does she need to use mine? Probably because both of hers are cranky and I don't know enough about either of them to help her out. If I'd been more adventurous month ago and knew how to make my Featherweight do its thing, she could use it and I could free motion -- but that's probably not a good idea with all of the starting and stopping I'll have to do while I'm helping her.

Guess I'll get Fun With Bricks pinned and cross my fingers that she finishes her quilt top while I've still got energy left to work on the log cabin.


Mary said...

That quilt is the Quilt for Kids pattern. I did one too with dalmation dogs on it. It was pretty cute. How did you quilt yours? I like the hearts better too. It's so nice to be productive in the New Year!

Pat L said...

Some little boy will love the car quilt and your heart quilt is wonderful. Congrats on your productivity. Wish I could accomplish as much.
Pat L in NY


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