Friday, March 06, 2009

This is either the start of a cute little quilt or a total waste of red fabric. I haven't got enough blocks pieced to tell, but I've got all of the pieces cut, so it's too late to change my mind now.

When I was cutting pieces for Scrappy Squares, I kept putting aside the reds because the few I used in my scrappy nine patch felt so overwhelming. That pile of red scraps was pretty big and I decided I should make a red quilt. But I didn't like any of the patterns I saw done up in red. And I wasn't inspired enough to come up with my own. Actually, that possibility didn't even occur to me until I sat down and started typing this!

Then I saw this pattern. Something was going on (Christmas?) that kept me from starting right away, and then I lost the pattern and had my usual problems getting the pattern, fabric, and free time all to come together. And started two or three other quilts first. And bought a few more reds to add variety...

Cutting the pieces for this one didn't even dent my red pile, but I'll find something else to do with it all. I'm thinking about piecing the back if I've got enough big chunks to make it work.

This was going to be a leaders/enders project, but I'm not sure I have the patience to wait and see how it comes out.

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Thearica said...

Hi Michelle...Thanks for the visit to my blog! I have a stash of red fabrics waiting for a someday quilt!

I love what you are doing with yours!


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