Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I got the kids to bed. I got the blocks for the quilt laid out, following the picture. WHY can't they add a diagram when it's so hard to tell where one blocks ends and the next begins? I found out once again that my biggest patch of empty floor space is not big enough for the quilts I'm making lately.

I need six more blocks. I should've recounted them while I was waiting, not that it would've made a difference since I don't have enough lights left over to make those six blocks. I'm sure there's something buried in my stash that I don't know about. Or Mom will have something. But that didn't help me last night.

I was not a happy quilter, so I put on an old movie, curled up in my recliner, and finished hand stitching the binding of my Thrifty Quilt. It's hard to pout when you've got a brand new quilt spread across your lap that you absolutely adore. I even love this quilt enough to sew buttons onto it. I got half of those done last night, too.

Today I finished piecing the project that was supposed to be my leaders and enders while I was assembling the red quilt --

I think I'm going to add a solid blue border before it's done. And I'm going to make a big one for myself (without the zillion obnoxious cartoon characters) and another little one (because I've still got too many cartoon characters already cut into bricks.)


Mary said...

That red quilt is going to be stunning! All of your quilts are just wonderfully scrappy!

Crafty Girls Workshop said...

Hi Michelle,
I found you from the Stashbuster list. I really like your red quilt! I hope you are able to find some more reds to make it come out right. I also like your Thrifty Quilt and I love that name! Did you use denim for the in between blocks? I made a similar quilt for my Godson and even though I had it finished in time for Christmas I still haven't given it to him! Thanks for sharing, your quilts are really an inspiration!


Cherold said...

Your red quilt is absolutely beautiful!! What pattern did you use?

Pat said...

Your red quilt is beautiful - I bet you'll find enough for 6 more blocks :-)


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