Friday, March 13, 2009

I won today's race with the clock -- the center of my thrifty quilt top is together! Did I mention how thrilled I am with the way this pattern is developing?

There's no way I have enough 2 1/2" strips left to do the piano key border, so I'm going to cut up the shirt backs that were supposed to back the quilt and then find more shirts to make the pieced backing. Having the quilt turn out nicely is more important to me than the total number of shirts I wind up using.

I stopped at the thrift store this afternoon and sale tags were 90% off, so I got ten cotton shirts for $3.60. And two more at the thrift store next door for $1 each. I only think one of them will actually go with the colors of this quilt, but they're all nice enough and it was a fun shopping trip for five bucks.

It looks like the Stashbusters are retreating again this weekend, which works well for me. Here's my plan:

-- work on Thrifty Quilt borders
-- assemble Double Irish Chain
-- cards for Spring postcard swap
-- piece more blocks for the red quilt
-- baste the quilt for my friend

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