Sunday, March 29, 2009

All of the blocks for my red quilt are sewn and pressed and waiting for me to have the free floor space to lay them out and get them pinned into rows. Which should happen late tomorrow night.

I'll need something to use as leaders and enders while I'm assembling the quilt top, so I've been cutting 2 x 3 1/2" pieces to make a baby Fun With Bricks. The fabric I'm using is so bright and cheerful it makes me shudder.

I had to sew a few test blocks just to convince myself that this fabric would work out at all. The solid blue was in my stash and I used the second version of the alternate block, figuring that the more solid I got in there, the better.

I think it works.

I'm planning on either nine blocks or twelve blocks. If I do nine blocks, I've definitely got enough solid blue for a border and the backing. If I do twelve blocks, I'll have to get a little more creative.

The scary cheerful fabric? It's from one of grandma's thrift store bags, the one I've been avoiding because I didn't know what I was ever going to do with Nemo and Rugrats and Care Bears and so many other characters. Someone either had a lot of grand kids or was making a lot of charity quilts.

I'm glad I finally figured it out! There are dozens and dozens of four inch squares (maybe it was for an I spy?) and they cut down into bricks with only a bit of waste. I don't have to use up everything, but it's a neat feeling when I find a way to make treasure out of trash.

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Michaela said...

I think it definitely works. It will be fun quilt top. I know what you are talking about "grandma's thrift store bag". I somehow became the person, that people will give fabrics after grandmas - pass quilters. I do like vintage fabrics a lot, but with the package often comes a lot of character fabrics. I've been working this weekend on three baby quilts out of those, without buying any new fabric.


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