Saturday, December 01, 2007

It practically followed me home....

On the way up to Costco yesterday, we passed a sign for an estate sale. There wasn't a good opportunity to circle back, so I put it out of my mind until we were on our way home from grocery shopping with only half of what we needed because Leif had the most spectacular meltdown of my entire parenting experience. And by then, I really needed the distraction, so we followed the signs off the main road and into a run down trailer park.

Estate sales down here are fun, the kind where someone apparently takes a roll of masking tape and slaps a price on anything that doesn't move out of his way. This one was being run by a dealer, but it was still worth the detour. I bought a handful of crochet hooks because I still want to try to figure out that whole amigurimi thing, and a half-finished sweater made from some lovely soft yarn that I've got to make into a shawl.

And I drooled over the three old quilts, but I'm cheap and twenty bucks is out of my budget.

They had some old tools that looked neat, but I don't know what actually qualifies as neat or what it should cost, so I passed those up and mentioned them when Bill got home from work.

Turns out the neat old tools really were neat and well priced, so I headed back first thing this morning and spent eleven bucks for two hand drills and an old milk can and this --


They still had all three quilts, but this was the one that demanded to come home with me. I don't know why. Lone Star is far from my favorite quilt pattern, down below Irish Chain, or Dresden Plates, or baskets, or even Sunbonnet Sue.

But this one wanted to come with me and I feel weirdly protective towards it. When the dealer referred to it as a "cutter quilt" I cringed. This one isn't going to get hacked into hot pads and place mats.

(I guess this qualifies as a Show and Tell Friday post, even if it all happened a day late!)

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Rachel said...

Nice find, and what a cheery quilt!


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