Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My big goal for December is to make it through the month. I've abandoned all plans of finishing the Christmas knitting, or getting a few more of my own projects done before the calendar rolls over into 2008. Instead, I'm going to focus on survival.

I don't know how this month got so busy, or why I have so ridiculously many things going on, but there seems to be something every day from now until the end of time. I was going to put off getting the stove fixed until after the holidays, because it was a button I didn't absolutely need. Then another button failed, which made me feel better about waiting a couple of weeks to see if it was going to keep losing a new number every couple of days.

So the washer died. That our family of six can't go a couple of weeks without. A couple of days has just about done me in, and if the guy can't fix it when he comes tomorrow...

I don't want to think about how ugly that would be.

Now that today's scheduled chaos is over, I'm looking forward to snuggling up with Garter Stitch Stripes. Maybe I can get through the neck shaping and cast on for the back.

If I had energy, and hadn't just hauled all of my fabric scraps back out to the sewing room, I'd try some little owls.

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