Saturday, December 29, 2007

I changed into nice clothes last night before starting dinner, then worried that I was probably going to dump something down my front while I was cooking. It happens way too often. If I had my new chicken apron done, I could've thrown it on over my new top and skirt, but it wasn't done and wasn't likely to get done any time soon...and somehow it clicked that the apron wasn't going to sew itself...

And I've got an apron now!

The instructions for this thing are extremely vague. If I didn't have some experience sewing clothes, I don't think I could've pulled it off. It took me three tries to get that stupid flounce to fit right. I don't rip seams out and redo them if I can help it, but since I'd taken the cute packaging apart I was determined to get a cute apron out of it.

I don't love the way it hangs on me, but it'll cover my clothes, which is what it was supposed to do in the first place. (Okay, I did have a couple of delusions that it would make me look all cute in the kitchen, but that's probably going to require more than just an apron.)

And here's the Rabbit Proof Scarf --


My original plan was to keep going until I ran out of yarn. Then I figured out that my 50 gram skein actually weighed 70 grams and had to make actual decisions about when to stop.

I've hit the point where I cannot face counting another nineteen rows of lace weight garter stitch, so I guess it's done.

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