Saturday, April 21, 2007

What would you do if you had fifteen minutes of free time? I read that question in a magazine last week and didn't agree with any of the ideas they suggested. I wouldn't take a bubble bath, or write a letter, or sleep in.... I get those things done with the time I've already got.

It finally hit me that if I had fifteen minutes when I could do absolutely anything, I'd do something about the sewing room. All of those mad dashes in to rummage for this or that have taken their toll. I started plotting to dump the kids on their dad and head up there for a while, but it's been a busy week and he just got a new lawn tractor.

Then we got the geese. The kids want to look at the geese. The geese are penned up just outside my sewing room door. This works! While the kids were watching Sponge Bob and Loco Moco, I dealt with the boxes that Bill shoved into my sewing room to make room for the geese. I can't complain too much -- most of it was mine and really did belong in the sewing room. But I still think I should be the only one who gets to dump stuff in there!

The big kids watched the geese, Leif watched the big kids through the door, and I got to work. The yarn that was on the bed and floor is sorted into those new monster size zipper bags. I hauled the vacuum cleaner out there and sucked up all of the little dead bugs that were all over the windowsill and the bits of broken leaves that I've tracked in over the past year and a half. I made the bed with the chenille spread I've been meaning to put on it. I've got plans to hack it up and make things with it, but for now it's covering the bed. I found a new blade for my rotary cutter and the walking foot for my sewing machine. And some fabric I'll hopefully post about soon.

I'm still plotting how to get those fifteen minutes, but now I'll get to spend it enjoying my little haven.

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Rachel said...

Woo hoo, good for you! This spring weather really gets one in the mood to clean, doesn't it? Did I read correctly that you got geese? Why? (Just curious). I know chickens are for eggs, but is that what you have the geese for? Sorry, I hope I'm not being rude, but I just love animals, and if you've got a good excuse for having geese, then maybe I can use that one on my husband!


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