Monday, April 23, 2007

Since joining the Harry Potter and the Book Seven KAL, I've managed to re-read the first three books and swatch and cast on for a Weasley Sweater for Heath, but I keep going back to this --

stashflash 009

The pattern is Tater's Cotton Cardi and the yarn is some Lion Brand Baby Soft I bought a couple of years ago with plans to make a baby bunting. I don't know how I managed to pick aqua for quite so many projects before deciding that I really don't like the color. I'm glad to have finally used most of it up on something, and Alex is happy with the color. So it all works out.

Except it's gotten REALLY boring. The lace section is just the same row over and over and over and I'd really like to be doing something else. There's other stuff waiting to be done, but I keep picking this thing up. The last time I measured, I only needed three more inches. So it will be done soon. I should keep going.

stashflash 008

Rachel asked about the geese. I don't think they have a real purpose. Bill went to the feed store to see if the baby ducks were in and came home with these two guys in a cardboard box. I've heard that once they get big geese make good watch-dogs and will raise a racket if someone comes onto the property. That sounds pretty useful to me.

We took them outside for the first time this afternoon and they followed us around and nibbled at the weeds. Geese are way cuter than chicks!

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Rachel said...

Oh, how cute! My daughter was quacking at them on the monitor! Thanks for posting a pic of them. What's their names?


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