Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Alex's Aqua Acrylic

aqua 002

I didn't expect to have this finished so early in the day yesterday. To be honest, I didn't know for sure if I was going to finish it at all. I've had a horrible attitude toward this project.

Months and months ago, I stumbled across the pattern on the designer's blog and really thought it was cute. I had some stash yarn that would get the right gauge, so I cast on and promptly got myself lost in the increases that were supposedly so easy I wouldn't need to use markers. It sat and sat and sat and I finally got around to frogging and restarting it.

This time, I kept track of myself in the increases, although I would've liked markers. It turned out that I wasn't quite matching my gauge from the previous attempt, so I added increases in hopes that it would still turn out big enough. And I couldn't figure out what the instructions for the front band and ties actually wanted me to do, so I went with my best guess.

Somehow, it all came together in a little cardigan that fits Alex, and that she's been happily wearing ever since I handed it over to her. I'm so glad she liked the color, because I can't stand it!

aqua 003

I do like the idea of a lacy little cardigan with ties, enough to wonder if I could do something bigger for myself with a different lace pattern and prettier yarn...


Pat said...

WOW - Alex sure is lucky!! A beautiful little lacey cardigan!!

Rachel said...

That really is a beautiful cardigan! I like the tie you put in, too. Where'd you get the pattern from again?


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