Thursday, December 21, 2006

I didn't realize what I was getting myself into. This stranded color work thing is hard! I realize that my four little rows of colorwork don't even show up, but trust me, they're there. I think I even got all of the colors in the right places.


I did a couple of baby hats back before Quinn was born, but I think I must've been dropping the yarn and picking it up again each time the color changed. That won't work for a whole pair of mittens, so I'm trying to learn to do it right.

Maybe it's because I'm left handed and don't hold my needles right or something, but my fingers don't seem to be long enough. It makes my hands hurt. It almost makes me want to give up the whole idea of stranded colorwork, but I want those pirate mittens even more than I want my endpaper mitts. So I'm going to keep trying.

I've also got one of those little feelings about this. At karate last week, one of the mothers sat down in the chair next to me and started knitting with the yarn held in her left hand. It looked so different than any of the knitting I'd seen before that I sat there looking out of the corner of my eye, trying to figure out if she was knitting or purling, telling myself it'd probably be rude to ask. But between what I saw her doing and a picture I found here have given me an idea of what I think I'm supposed to be trying to do.

It's slow. It's not even remotely comfortable. But I think it's working. I'll give it another try tonight.


Pat said...

You'll get it - I KNOW you will. I'm always switching it around. Sometimes 1 color in each hand like your link; sometimes both colors in the same hand but different fingers and sometimes I drop one and pick up the other which is slower, but gives me the best tension....good luck!

Ashley said...

There's the videos at (look under Advanced Techniques), which might help too--it always makes it so much easier for me when I can see stuff in motion!

2bzy2knit said...

When I do colourwork, I knit with a colour in each hand. When I knit with my left hand, I kind of "pick up" the yarn but with my right I wrap it. I think Diane has a link on her blog for knitting as a leftie. - Andrea,

Rachel said...

Hey Michelle! Knitting with the yarn held in the l.h. is called Continental Style. I first learned the US style (yarn in r.h.), and believe me, Continental is LOADS faster. Also, I think it would work better for stranded work.

Switching was a bear, but it has soooo paid off. I can't believe how much faster I knit now. I can finish an adult woman's sweater in about a month. Before, it took me at least three to four months. Also, I think it's easier on the hands.

Can't wait to see more pics of your mittens!


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