Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I did cast on for my Endpaper Mitts and got eleven rounds of k1, p1 ribbing done before real life took over the rest of my day. I'm a bit closer to the fun-looking part, but I'm still not loving the yarn. Especially after looking at the yummy stuff some other knitters are using.

I'm going to try to get some more done this afternoon, before I'm totally overcome by the wonderfulness of what I picked up on the way to karate yesterday...

I almost waited to see if the library got a copy. I almost waited until I'd restarted the yarn diet and lost my next five pounds.

I can't believe I was almost that dumb!

I love this book more than A Gathering of Lace. More than Best of Knitter's Shawls and Scarves. It's the best bit of eye-candy in my whole collection of knitting books.

It was Grumperina's review that gave me the courage to order a copy sight unseen. Go look -- there are lots of pretty pictures that will do nothing to prepare you for the gorgeousness of the actual book. She pointed out how many rectangles there are in here. I can do rectangles! It's the increasing in pattern on those dumb triangles that keeps me from realizing my lace knitting dreams. But rectangles -- and not plain rectangles like my Cathedral Window Shawl or that feather and fan Euroflax thing I spent too much money on the yarn for.

It explains how to design your own to plan shawls with knitted on borders...because just in case I knit the 30some projects in the book that are screaming to me, I should know how to make up more of my own.

I've been mentally listing all of the laceweight in my stash, trying to figure out how much lace I can make.

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Pat said...

I've been waiting for the regional library system to get a copy.....I've tried to be patient so I could look at it before buying, but maybe I should just go for it too!
I'm looking forward to seeing your Endpaper Mitts...


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