Sunday, December 03, 2006

16 cute little hats


I was sure my total was eighteen until I laid them out for the picture. Either I lost a couple or I can't count. But none of the little hats seem to be missing, so I guess it's my math skills. I did knit one before the KAL started, which doesn't count towards the total, but that only makes seventeen.

Knitting these was a lot of fun -- and I'm surprised at how many vivid memories flashed into my mind while I sat curled up in the corner of my couch making tiny little hats. One skein of yarn, which I didn't wind up using because it wasn't the right fiber or gauge, smells exactly how it did when I was knitting those grey gull socks in my hospital room last Christmas. I can't figure out exactly what the smell is. Not a hospital room smell, because that can still send me into a sick panic. I think it's a combination of the stuff that was in my knitting bag and bedside drawer.

I used up some stash yarn and tried out some new stitch patterns and played with different color combinations. I'm so pleased with some of the results that I plan to make larger versions for my own grown-up premies. I'll be doing this again next year, hopefully without all the emotional baggage.

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