Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Does putting together a Hot Wheels Shark Park Playset count as a finished object for 2006? I really think it should because that thing had at least twenty little stickers and a bunch of plastic pieces and instructions that didn't include many actual words, just lots of frustrating line drawings and arrows.

That's how my day has gone, putting together a plastic roller coaster (which the two year old has now taken apart) and trying to get estimates for a new well. We're on our fifth straight day with no water and have already spent $300 to find out that there's no water in the well. Apparently the way this works is that you throw money at the problem until you either get water or starve to death and don't need it any more.

We have heat. We have light. My sewing machine is back from its checkup and they tell me it works just like it should. We've got a whole stack of new DVDs. And I've got a bunch of new projects I could/should/want to be working on. But I'm feeling too out of sorts to actually sit down and do anything more productive than playing around with the Nifty Knitter that I bought Alex for Christmas.

She loves the thing and has already made a hat. Apparently you can make scarves and bags and even socks with real heels. I know, just because you can do something with yarn doesn't mean you should -- but this is intriguing! RIght now, I'm using some Wool-Ease Thick and Quick for a baby hat. Alex's hat seemed to grow at an amazing rate, but mine is taking a bit longer.

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