Friday, December 29, 2006

Andrea called me brave. I'm not. I'd never volunteer to go nine months without buying yarn -- I'm just trying to make the best of an unpleasant situation. If I pretend that I want to knit only with yarn from my stash, maybe I can make myself believe it. At the very least, I can play with my pretty yarn and fabric and by the time this is far enough in the past for us to laugh about it, I'll have an actual need to buy more pretty yarn. I've got yarn for a ton of socks, and lace, at least five or six summer tops, at least two sweaters for each kid and myself...not to mention fabric for several quilts. This could be a lot of fun if I can keep from sulking about it!

Last night I finished the first Knifty Knitter sock. The loom set came with directions for making a hat. The sock pattern wanted me to do short rows, "just like in the KK booklet for flat panels." We don't have a booklet, so I guessed. I'm not sure if I did it right, but what I came up with looks enough like a sock to make me happy.

And I made some progress on my Endpaper Mitts --


Happy Boy wanted to be up before the sun, so I worked on them early this morning and suddenly the pattern makes sense. I'm not holding the yarn right, but Pat said it was actually okay to drop my yarn and pick it up again with every color change, so that's what I'm doing. Rachel pointed out that knitting continental is lots faster, so I'm definitely going to keep trying until I can make it work, but for now I'll take any method that gives me decent progress.


Pat said...

The Endpaper Mitts look whatever you are doing is great. It IS slower dropping and picking up, but I'm guessing you're not in a race and it's a fine way to learn and get good tension....THEN you can explore other ways.
They are going to be beautiful!

TerriGtoo said...

Oh, Michelle!
You and I are in the same position! I've just ben agonizing over the fact that my yarn buying days on ebay are over for at least this entire year. Your rules are right on track. I think i will pick up on the one to only buy more to finish a project already started. Anyway...I opened another med bill today for what I thought my insurance company picked up. there's another $750 down the drain. altogether that makes about $4,000.m Argh! What am I gonna do without being able to buy yarn and pretty things??!! Yes, I have to admit I do have a HUGE stash, and can make do. But I am addicted to the boucles and just jump at seeing another yummy color thatI absolutely HAVE to have. And so you see, we are in the same boat, in a way. We could start an YBA group. (yarn buyers anonymous) and admit we have a problem and need to stop. I'll support you if you support me! Terri in Milwaukee.


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