Sunday, July 17, 2005

New Theory

Everyone says that if you move into a bigger house, your things will expand to fill all of the new storage space. What they don't say is that as you take boxes and boxes out of the house you're trying to pack, the stuff that's left will do the same thing. How does this work?! Is the secret to shove it all into boxes really really fast before it has time to spread or multiply or whatever it's doing?

Despite the fact that it's miserably hot today (the thermometer in the Durango tried to tell me it's 110 in the driveway, but I know it's not quite that bad), I made a respectable amount of progress. You can't see any of it, but I know I put lots of stuff in boxes and hauled lots more stuff to Goodwill.

And while I was catching my breath and reading my email, I followed a link to see a picture of Spring Fling and stumbled across what's got to be the most amazing cabled afghan ever.

I've wanted to make a cabled afghan for ages, but never found the pattern that made me run out and buy yarn. When I found what I thought was the perfect pattern and
what I thought was the perfect yarn (for my budget at that time )the afghan was knitted in panels, and had lots of bobbles, and I'd been reading too much crap on the knitlist about the evils of acrylic and actually took the yarn back to the

What makes me feel really silly is that I've been thinking about using some scratchy grey wool that was a thrift store sweater to make a cabled purse, just a long rectangle folded in half. Why didn't it ever occur to me that I could drag home a bunch of library books and dream up my own?!

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