Monday, July 04, 2005

I've been at the coast with my pinwheel baby blanket & husband & kids. Swimming and hiking and watching fireworks and whales and being far away from the bank and the title company and the boxes that now dominate my life.

Now I've got four days to get the closing papers signed and pack a bunch of boxes before I play hooky again and run off to the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show next weekend....then another few days to pack like mad before the new Harry Potter book comes out....

These little distractions don't keep me from obsessing that I want my new house and I want it now! I even have new furniture for it. New furniture that's already there while I'm stuck here. How unfair is that?! There's a green couch that's apparently been eaten a bit by ferrets, but the damage is hidden under a quilt and since that was being given to us along with the quilt, I really didn't think it was polite to poke around under the cushions...and a matching oversize chair and love seat that both are in great shape...and a big square coffee table with drawers and a glass top that you can display things under (which should go perfectly with the Victorian love seat my grandmother left me) and an antique dresser thing with glass drawer pulls and a layer of chipped white enamel paint that's about an inch thick. And stools for the bar in the kitchen, and a neat wooden plant stand. Not bad for $128! And the sellers are leaving me both picnic tables and the wooden lawn chairs I was hoping for.

Now I've got to convince Bill that the ancient flowered carpet in the new living room isn't going to somehow poison the baby. It needs to be replaced, but it's so pretty. And it was just shampooed. I'd like to live with it for at least a little while.

I added another two inches or so to the diameter of my pinwheel baby blanket tonight while watching The Hole. I thought the rounds were starting to take forever, but apparently they're not!

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