Friday, July 22, 2005

It hasn't cooled down any, but my urge to have a FO got stronger than my fear of melting, and I finished binding off my Pinwheel Baby Blanket.

Did I mention how happy I am with this project? It came out to almost 40" across, using 2 skeins of SuperSaver and size 9 needles. I definitely need some kind of crocheted edging to tame the curling stockinette, but for now it's semi-finished and will be useful if it ever gets cold enough to need a blanket again. That was a lot of knitting fun for a $4.50 yarn investment! As soon as the weather changes, I'm going to start another one and play with stitch patterns.

Ruffles is coming along nicely, even if it does look like it'll take a long time to finish. I'm enjoying the technique, have the stitch pattern memorized, and have learned to read my knitting well enough to tell which short row I'm on if I put it down in the middle of a repeat. It's interesting, but not quite easy enough to do with a baby in my lap.

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