Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I've got two houses now

We signed the papers yesterday and the sellers signed this morning and the wonderful house is (or very shortly will be) ours! I have 10 days or so (I'm not quite convinced because it still keeps changing) to pack everything we own so we can get it from here to there. How are you supposed to pack a house that you're still living in and supervise three kids at the same time?

I'm keeping myself sane with the round baby blanket. It's growing and growing and pretty soon it'll be time to add the border and then it won't be easy anymore. I think I found some blue acrylic that'll work. It has to work because I can't buy yarn right now and the other blue acrylic I was digging for no longer exists. Something to do with a five year old and scissors and the fact that I'm not giving his big sister any more yarn for her stash if that's what they're going to do to it.

There's a whole beautiful gallery of pinwheel blankets. After looking at them, I can picture myself making nothing but round baby blankets for months to come. I probably won't do that, but it's entertaining to daydream about what I could do with the rest of that blue yarn I just dug out of the plastic storage bins.

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