Sunday, July 10, 2005


I needed to get out of the house. I need to get out and never come back, but I can't do that quite yet. I can do that soon.

Yesterday, we ran off to the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show and spent four and a half hours wandering around and taking in the gorgeous eye candy. The whole town has quilts hanging from every building down every side street, and there's too much to possibly see it all. One of these years, I want to go all by myself so I can read every tag on every last quilt.

I saw lots of things I'm just dying to learn how to do myself, especially the elaborate Celtic Knot quilts and the one that had constellations embroidered on the border. I've got some dark blue fabric I bought for Heath's Titanic quilt that I could use, and a book of constellations, and white embroidery floss...and there was the crazy quilt done in Halloween prints....and the incredibly detailed applique....

My brain is totally overflowing with the things I could do with the fabric I've already got in my stash.

And while I was digging through the mess in the shop, I found the Mysterious Toaster Oven, which I thought was long gone. I don't even know where it came from in the first place. Years ago, when the oven in our apartment had been broken for so long that I was seriously reading online advice about how to cook in your dishwasher (which I never got desperate enough to actually try), I glanced over and realized that that white thing sitting there taking up counter space was a toaster oven. Our toaster oven, because I know it didn't come with the apartment, but no one seems sure exactly where it did come from. My best guess is that it probably belonged to my father's parents and made its way to our house with a bunch of other stuff that we were given after they died. Assuming that it still works (and of course it will because it seems to be a magic appliance that turns up when I need it), this means I can finally use the Fimo I bought to make buttons or stitch markers or whatever without worrying that it's going to release toxic fumes into the kitchen and give us all brain damage.

I know, I should be packing.

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emy said...

Good luck with packing!

You can do it.


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