Sunday, July 31, 2005

The move drags slowly on...

When did it become my mission in life to keep track of every different promotion Home Depot, Lowes, and everyone else is offering and how we can combine them to get the best deals on our appliances and carpet? I do not remember signing up for that!

Ruffles is a little more than half done, and it's turned out to be the perfect project for me to work on right now. It takes about four minutes to do a section of short rows and even if I put it down in the middle of one, the wrapped stitches are easy to read and I can get myself back on track without much thought or stress. Which is good, because I've been going for days without any knitting and if I had to remember where I was and what I was doing, I'd just fall apart and shove it back into the knitting bag.

And Knitpicks has new laceweight! I had already ordered three skeins of the paint-your-own (along with the Dancing and solid sock yarn that were the reason I was ordering in the first place) before realizing that they also had Shadow and Gossamer. Now I'm trying to figure out how soon I can get away with placing another order so I can have some of the pretty colored stuff.

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