Saturday, July 07, 2018

{Thrift Shop Temptations} We've Seen Him Before

There wasn't much to drool over at the thrift shops last week. We found someone's Raggedy Ann collection and a neat looking vintage ice crusher.

And this guy was propped against the wall in a corner...

We've seen him before. In fact, I think we've seen exactly this same painting of him before, at that estate sale with all of the vintage needlepoint I should've scooped up but didn't.  Or maybe not. It turns out he's The Red Boy by Sir Thomas Lawrence and there are a ton of images of him on Pinterest. But how many of those are here in town in the exact same frame?

It doesn't matter. I still wouldn't hang him in my house.

1 comment:

Tami Von Zalez said...

So funny about the boy painting. I frequent thrift shops enough sometimes I see a piece of artwork take a LONG TIME to sell but it eventually does.


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