Saturday, March 21, 2009

This little quilt has me so frustrated I could scream.

I started it a couple of months ago because I wanted to play with the disappearing nine-patch technique and had a bunch of pre-cut squares from one of the thrift store bags. I got enough blocks done to decide I wanted to make a baby blanket.

Although this has to be one of the easiest techniques out there, I kept putting my blocks together wrong and then having to figure out what I'd done before I could rip out whichever seam needed ripping and twist things around to the right direction.

And I realized a bit late that whoever had cut those squares hadn't been accurate -- not even by my rather flexible standards. Since I was just playing, I decided it was fine if my whirlygigs were a bit wonky. It was that or measure and re cut all of the squares, and I wasn't about to do that.

I moved on to other, more exciting projects, and what I had finished sat. And got buried. And got found and moved to someplace else. This morning, I decided that I'd avoided it long enough and decided to finish the top. It turned out that I only needed five more blocks, and now I know to watch which direction pieces are lined up before I sew them together.

Today's trouble started when I decided to quilt it. I've lost my presser foot, the little screwdriver thing to change the presser foot, two seam rippers, most of my sanity...

I wound up tying the quilt and trying to sew the binding down by machine (bad idea!) So it's together. Now I just need to pick out my failed attempts at machine stitching and handstitch that binding.

And decide what to do with the quilt itself, which was supposed to be for the thrift store in town to sell to raise money for one of their pet charities. It's not ready for the scrap bin, but when I do give them a quilt, it's going to be better than this one.

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Carol said...

You have my sympathies.
I have a little stack of small quilts that need finishing and I am having a fit trying to convince myself that I can machine quilt them without turning them into a "dogs dinner."

Good luck to you. I'm sure they will all turn out well.


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