Sunday, March 18, 2018

Socks for Easter?

I like these colors in the skein, but the wide stripes are just too pastel, too much like plastic eggs and Peeps. I managed to ignore that until I had the heel turned, but now I'm thinking I should unravel them and start over with a simple lace that will break up the stripes. Either that, or a zig zag pattern of some kind. 

It's not a big deal. This has been my year for starting knit projects and then changing my mind after hours of work.  Ripping out stitches used to be an absolute last resort, but lately I'm seeing better ways to do things and I'm more willing to reknit projects to make them work.


mckie2 said...

I like the colors in this one. Looks like Spring to me.
Yea Spring!!! Susan

Dar said...

I too think the colors remind me of Spring and they would look good with summer pants. I think you should continue onward.


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