Tuesday, March 13, 2018


wind hundred of skeins of DMC floss onto little cardboard bobbins

"Michelle has spent days bobbinating her floss collection."

I've been going through all of my floss with a DMC checklist, working to put together a master set of floss. When I took the picture, I still had the 3800s left to wind and had run out of bobbins.

I've gone through all of my floss stash and UFOs and partially kitted up projects and seem to be twenty-two colors short of a full set, not counting the last two releases of new colors. I think there are about fifty-one of those, but since all of the charts in my stash pre-date those sets, I'm not in any hurry to rush out and buy them.

There was another floss sale a couple of days ago, with even better prices than the last one, but I found out about it a couple of hours too late. That's okay. The next time there's a sale, I'll have a list of exactly which colors I need to fill in my collection.


Brenna said...

Looks so pretty! I need to organize mine - they are currently all out of order, and I have several dozen that need to be bobbinated. :)

Dar said...

Love the new invention of word. Be sure and send it in to the Webster Dictionary people!!:)
They look so pretty and organized that I wouldn't want to mess them up by using them. Just kidding. I have one small box of floss, but do no plan to ever increase the inventory. I'm all about using up any inventory of sewing items, fabrics, threads and everything else that makes clutter around my house -- and let me tell you, there is a LOT in that category! After trying almost every craft from the 1960's to present, you can imagine what a collection I've accumulated since then.


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