Sunday, November 19, 2017

{Thrift Shop Temptations} Fancy Dollhouse Furniture...or it Will be Someday....

There weren't any exciting needlework kits to be found, but just look at these miniature kits I found buried in the office supplies! (That's probably why I so rarely find wonderful things at Goodwill. They're well hidden under the old calendars and scrapbooking paper.) 

I'd actually drooled over this organ kit when we visited the dollhouse shop at the coast and passed it up because it was polystyrene, which didn't sound good. Since then, I've read some online reviews and it turns out that these kits come highly recommended.

My hesitation worked well for me, since I got all three of these kits for half what I would have paid for the organ and although the boxes are crushed the bags inside look undisturbed. (They've got staples, so I'm not positive.)

I'll have to find some special plastic glue before I can put them together, and research the right kind of paint.  And work up the nerve. Fancy kits like this always make me nervous.


colleen said...

I love the dress form and treadle sewing machine
Have lots of fun making them

Anonymous said...

And have good tweezers! LOL Those are wonderful, and it just goes to show that sometimes waiting pays off in good things. I didn't realize you do doll houses. I have a friend who does miniatures. She lives in Massachusetts. These things are amazing to me, who am a total klutz.


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