Tuesday, November 14, 2017

There's a Mistake in the Sky

I checked my floss colors and double checked the symbols...and I still got it wrong.  

The more I stitched, the more I began to wonder why two different parts of the sky looked absolutely identical. They have different symbols, so they shouldn't be the same... turns out that both symbols use the exact same floss but one only calls for one strand and the other calls for two. I'm not going back and trying to undo it all now. When the finished project is hanging on my wall, no one will know how it was supposed to look.

Do you fix mistakes, or pick them out?


Dar said...

Are you kidding? I do sometimes go back and fix some quilting mistakes, but I would never redo a counted cross stitch like that one. Who in the world would ever notice and when it's all done, even YOU will not know which stitches were incorrect. It looks good so far.

Caro said...

Of all the possible mistakes - this is one of the LEAST disturbing.

I refuse to go back and fix simple mistakes, unless they change the outline or are extremely obvious.

colleen said...

I agree with Dar completely and I'd say directions are suggestions.

My mother made a couple of large stamped cross stitch pieces they were lovely and she had them framed .

They hung in the diningroom which was also our homework table over the years we studied those "pictures" my mother was so proud of them......there were mistakes in both of them "x" s not stitched
My mother decided to enjoy the whole picture rather than worry about the oops


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