Monday, November 06, 2017

Just A Few More Stitches

I could happily abandon all of my other projects until this one is done. Even though all I'm stitching now is miles of the same color, it's still oddly satisfying. 

It looks like I've fallen in love with this project before. Look what I found while I was digging around out in the sewing room...

The picture I'm working on right now is 2480 stitches and calls for ten colors. This one is 45843 stitches and fifty-some colors. My first reaction when I pulled it out was "I only need one cross-stitched Mona Lisa in my life."  But the more I look at the front of the chart, the more I think I'm going to have to stitch her. Someday.

1 comment:

mckie2 said...

Oh but the big one has so much more detail. She'll be beautiful. Susan


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