Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Why do we lock up our sewing machines?

When I got a look at my new-to-me sewing machine, my first reaction was "Neat -- it's got the keys."

That was immediately followed by "Why would I want keys for my sewing machine case?" Assuming, of course, that it wasn't locked.

Featherweight cases have keys. So does this mid-70s Viking and Mom's old bentwood case.  Some treadles have keys.

WHY?  My husband and teenage son tell me that it's to keep it from falling open while you're carrying it, but wouldn't a good latch work just as well for that?


Dar said...

Good question. Maybe it was to keep the kids from "playing" on it when mom was busy with other household chores.

Beth in MN said...

What a good question. I do use the key for the Singer in the bentwood case, so it stays latched. The Featherweight never gets locked.


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