Monday, January 19, 2015

Design Wall Monday

Years ago, the little boy who is now Teenage Son saw this fabric on a shop hop and urged me to buy some and make him a quilt. I bought 2/3 of a yard. It was as far as I felt I could stretch the budget that day, or maybe that was the pattern repeat. I also bought some textured solids from Joanns. 

Time passed and I don't know what the original plan was. I'm sure it was pretty vague. Now there's a new plan -- 

The piano key border will go down both sides and I'll do some sort of pieced blocks in the corners. And, because I've never done a flange before, I decided to give that a try.

New plan is that this will be a good quilt to do some intricate freemotion quilting on. 'Cause why not make the too-good-to-cut fabric into a too-good-to-quilt top?

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Bonnie said...

Of course you can quilt it! Use a batting that doesn't need to be quilted every inch. Then do a straight line where the piano key border meets the blue. And, he do each of those strips. When you get to the panel use the picture as a guide. Quilt down the river, around the mountains, up to the shore. Maybe a little more difficult around the bottom but it is very doable! What is the intended use? Does Teenage Son still want it? It'll look great when you are done. And, congratulations on bringing out and oldie but goodie to finish!

Kate said...

I like your plans. The key board border is a perfect fit for that panel.

MartiDIY said...

I can see why a little boy would beg for that fabric. Sounds like you have a good idea for finishing it too.

Beth in MN said...

That flange is a great touch. It will add a wonderful design element. I love the idea of the piano key borders. What fun.


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