Saturday, January 31, 2015

If my boys were just a little bit younger...

You've heard me moan about the lack of cute things to sew for my boys. If it had come out just a few years earlier,  Sew and Play: Handmade Games for Kids would have been the perfect solution for our family!  Snakes...crabs...monsters....bugs.... These games would have been right up their alley!

There are boats and horses and stepping stones to spread across the rug and follow to the castle... Oh, and pancakes to to toss, avoiding the burnt one.

The projects range from very simple to what-am-I-thinking? (You know I'd be making the bugs and crabs!)  Each set of game pieces will work for several variations of the game, so you can go ahead and make it while your little ones are still too young for complex games and switch to the school-age set of rules later.

I'm tempted to make the pancake game for myself, but I think my son's speech therapist might get more use out of it. She's always looking for good games for little ones -- and in addition to being gender-neutral (not a bandwagon I've chosen to hop onto), these don't feature the latest cartoon characters so they've got that timeless quality to them.

Martingale provided me with an electronic ARC.


Ranch Wife said...

I'm with you - this would be just down our ally if the kids were younger. Looks like an awesome book. Too early for grand kids too...darn.

Laura said...

My daughters are 14 and 17, hopefully we are a long way from Grandchildren, but these looks like awesome projects to put in "hope chest". Preschool teachers would love to have these games in their schools, I bet!


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