Thursday, February 13, 2014

a little time to play

This is going to be a Valentine's gift to myself. I've been playing with the idea for a while now, but the measurements for the snowball blocks kept throwing me for a loop. Two days ago, it  finally clicked, but by then we were too busy having fun to think about quilting. 

(If you're wondering what happened with the bees last night, the water had gone down a lot by the time Hubby got home and went out there with a flashlight. So at least we didn't have to deal with that!) 

These little blocks aren't anyone's idea of precision piecing, but I like them. I've got some not-quilty things to do today, but I hope I'll be able to make the rest over the weekend. 

And, just because sometimes the lines on the pressing mat aren't enough to show the size of something...

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