Sunday, January 26, 2014

On the Beds

Jo invited the rest of us to share which quilts we have on our beds.  My own bed has a battered down comforter on it. Hubby and I don't pile on the quilts unless it's really cold or the power goes out.  Or someone is doing a fun linky party like this one...but he's trying to sleep in after a really long work week and it wouldn't be right to drag him out of bed so I could put on a quilt and take pictures of it.

Teenage daughter's bed is where the finished quilts all wind up. Right now, she's got Dashes in the Woods and my Nancy Drew quilt (I don't know how she managed to get semi-permanent custody of that one, but it's probably as safe on her bed as it would be anywhere else) and a heavy comforter and a scrunchy throw from Ikea... hope that's keeping her warm enough!

Quinn, believe it or not, has his green Trip Around the World on his bed, Leif has his snails (along with some other larger quilts), and Heath has a quilt that I absolutely cannot remember the name of.  That one was supposed to be in my room along with Nancy Drew, but since it's always on his bed and he seems to like it, maybe its become his.

I'm pleasantly surprised that those boys are actually using the quilts I made them.


Missie of Traditional Primitives said...

It's really wonderful when our kids love the quilts we make for them, isn't it!

Jessica Hadden said...

A quilt is not finished until its used! ;)

Jo said...

Thanks for linking up...Love them both!!

Karen in Breezy Point said...

How fun that the kids are loving those quilts!!


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