Saturday, January 04, 2014

Freezer I'll Shoot

Reading is a two part process at my house. First I've got to get my hands on the book I want to read, then I've got to find time to read it. About half the time, my books are due back at the library before I've even had a chance to look at them, but I wasn't going to let that happen with Freezer I'll Shoot . I've enjoyed the other Vintage Kitchen Mysteries too much for that.

In this one, Jaymie is focusing more on her fledgling career as a cookbook author. She's preparing an article on ice houses and vintage ice cream recipes when she finds a body in her back yard, stabbed with the same vintage ice pick she had just photographed on the wall of her neighbor's restaurant. Suddenly she needs to come up with a new topic for her column and to find a killer. 

The book includes a recipe for a sandwich cake, something I've been dying to try since I read about the idea in a Donna Parker book as a kid. 

And, speaking of vintage kitchen stuff, I bought these at an estate sale back in November and took pictures but never posted about them. 

I've got weird ideas about not buying things that I could make myself, but I really like these potholders and I don't crochet and there's a point where they're so old and inexpensive that I change my mind. Because I can't make old. And, yes, I'm aware that they look filthy. I'm going to wash them so that they're clean stains.

This one is a probably lost cause, but I couldn't resist that kitchen print or the advertisement on the front... 

I got the impression that these were in use, or at least still in the kitchen drawers, until their original owner passed away. And I think that's neat, maybe even neater than my wooden spoons

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DeeDee said...

I also use to read Donna Parker books on the long journey from California to Oklahoma when back when! Thanks for the reminder. I think I will look for some of them for my granddaughters to read.


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