Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Angel and Shepherds Christmas Ball

This isn't the first time I've managed to totally confuse myself with a knitting pattern. I found this neat knitted ball on Ravelry and printed the pattern. When I started knitting, I knit the colors that were shown on the chart. Somewhere along the line, I started to wonder why the sky wasn't blue and the shepherds weren't white... Then I pulled up the project page to link to from this post and saw the project photos. Oops. 

It's far from the dumbest knitting mistake I've ever made. I'm more concerned about the tension, which isn't what it should be. Everything I've read about stranded color work says that you should choose a pattern that doesn't have floats of more than a few stitches. This pattern has loooong floats and even knitting the ball inside out didn't keep things from puckering.  I've tried stranded color work before, with the Endpaper Mittts and an ugly hat that didn't last long. It's something I'd like to get good at because there are a ton of gorgeous mitten patterns on Ravelry that I can't justify buying until I'm skilled enough to do them right.

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Laura said...

At least it was a small project, and you can still use it as an ornament. I think it is cute!

Jackie's Stitches said...

I honestly didn't notice the blue and white were reversed. Beautiful ornament!

I'm a tight knitter so floats are an issue for me too. I really want to learn to knit continental as I've heard that will help loosen my tension.

Camilla said...

Two hints:
Google around for "color dominance"/"yarn dominance" and be very consistent about which hand you use for which color.
Artificially raise/lower the floated color across the other at the back, every few stitches, during the longer floats.

Terri said...

Very pretty! Merry Christmas.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Merry Christmas!

Heather said...

Hi Michelle, I think the knitted ornament looks lovely regardless of the colour switch. The paper stars and fun special when choosing a book that your family will recognize. My post from Monday shows some of my homemade ornaments and I have a Mr. Linky if you would like to share yours there. http://www.heatherpearson.com/2013/12/needlework-tuesday-homemade-ornaments.html

Shari said...

A lovely finish all the same!


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