Wednesday, January 02, 2013

{yarn along} the scary stuff

This week, I've been reading the scary stuff.... In the Tall Grass by Stephen King and Joe Hill and The Ghost on Saturday Night by Sid Fleischman.

In the Tall Grass, the story of a brother and sister on a cross-country trip who hear a small boy calling for help from a roadside field and pull over to try to help, gave me some serious creeps -- and it didn't help one bit when my Kindle battery gave out just at one of the most dramatic parts. I had to plug it into the charger and wait a while before I could find out what happened next.  I still can't decide whether I think the read was worth $3.79.  Mile 81 was better, and didn't cost quite as much.  

The Ghost on Saturday Night absolutely terrorized me as a young child.  I checked it out from the library over and over, even though I couldn't bear to sleep with it in my bedroom. So of course I had to order a used copy with that same scary cover art from Amazon and read it to my sons. They weren't scared at all...even though Leif did start to look a bit nervous as we read about the old and rotting pine coffin that looked as if it had been freshly dug up. And I might've slipped my hand over the edge of the recliner to rap dramatically on the drawers of the treadle sewing machine beside us at just the right point in the story....

I've got the first thumb gusset of Treads done, and the third lateral braid (speaking of things that really aren't as scary as they seemed at first!)  Now it's time for some more linen ridge stitch and the fingers... I'm hoping to have the first of the pair done to show you by next week.

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Deanna said...

I LOVED the Ghost on Saturday Night. My brother and I practically read the covers off.

Dogwood Lane Rambles said...

The Ghost on Saturday Night was one of my boy's absolute favorites they always begged me to read it to them over and over again.
Your baby quilts are super cute, now I'm feeling lazy (must get stitching)


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