Monday, January 14, 2013

the scrap quilts

In addition to the baby quilts, I'm planning for 2013 to be the year of the big ambitious scap quilts. I've had the year of the scrappy baby quilt, the year I made more quilts than I knew what do to with, and the year of knitting big flat things that didn't have to fit anyone.  The past two years haven't had fun trends for me to discover after the fact.
This year, I'm planning ahead and tackling the big scrap quilts on my wish list.
There's Little Trips, which I jumped into without any planning at all.

And the Lego quilt, which I jumped into as soon as I saw the tutorial. This is about a quarter of the blocks I'll need to make it 60x60"

I've got about half the cheddar bowties I'll need to make that one 60x60" -- plus the pieced border because even though I'm not into borders, Bonnie's looked so amazing I'm going to follow her lead.

And Santa Fe String Star, which seems to have completely stalled out. I need two hundred (I think) of the string pieced diamonds. I've made...nine.

And I've got a growing list of other scrap quilts I want to start as soon as I've made more progress on these. To see more design walls, head over to Patchwork Times.


sophie said...

All your works-in-progress look great. Scrap quilts were my first quilt love and I still love them today.

I made some of those string pieced stars by cutting diamonds from some string pieced yardage that I created as part of cleaning out my scraps. It worked pretty well for me, but you do have to be careful because the fabric you create will be very stretchy. I pressed it well with spray starch.

Thanks for the reminder--I really ought to quilting and finally finishing my star quilt ;-)

Rhonda said...

Oh boy have you been busy. My favorite is the bowtie quilt but I also love the scrappiness of the Lego quilt.

Denise :) said...

I love all the COLOR in these projects!! The Santa Fe String Star is fabulous -- how long are the individual diamonds from tip to tip, lengthwise? :)


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