Tuesday, January 01, 2013

WMFM - my planner

I think one of my biggest accomplishments of 2012 was not permanently losing my new planner.

When Denise posted last year about her pretty new planner, it convinced me that I needed one. Mine isn't nearly as cute as hers, probably because mine came from Walmart, but it's been a lifesaver this past year.

I've got all of the doctor's offices listed in the front, so there's no more digging around for a phone book or trying to find a business card for the one that isn't listed in any of the five different yellow pages for our area.  I write down appointments on the page that shows the whole month.

When I was getting estimates for the roof, I kept track of all of the different phone numbers and times.

I keep a running list of which dinners I've bought the ingredients for. And I try to keep a list of what we're out of, but I still haven't gotten very consistent at that and I forget to check it when I do go to the store.

I keep the measurements and calculations for quilts I'm planning. The planner doesn't look like the notebooks the kids use for their own projects, so my measurements don't disappear and I don't have to redo my math nearly as often.

I keep lists of UFOs and projects I want to start next and all sorts reminders to myself.

I also keep the magic code number that starts the van's built in GPS again when it goes out for no reason. (Losing your GPS when you're 100 miles from home and not sure how to get back to the Interstate is not a whole lot of fun. I know....I can ask for directions like we all used to do in the good old days.)  And I can easily find it for Hubby when he's done something with the battery and needs to put the number in again.

I've got a brand new planner for 2013 -- now I've just got to transfer over my lists and phone numbers...

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Denise :) said...

Oh! I didn't get a a fancy new one this year ... I may have to make a trip through WalMart and pick up one of those for me -- I *definitely* need to continue on the KEEP THINGS ORGANIZED list! Happy New Year my dear friend!! :)

Denise :) said...

ps ... I picked up a tolerable one in Dollar General today! :)


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