Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Quilter's Candy Mirage

I wanted a mottled fabric for the background of Hocuspocusville and spent quite a while looking for one. What I had pictured in my mind was something like the background fabric I used for Simple Pleasures. That fabric would've been perfect. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything at all like it.

I'd just about decided to use tea-dyed muslin when I saw Quilter's Candy Mirage at Connecting Threads. Just the mottled fabric I was looking for, for $4.96 a yard, and in 48 different colors.

For my project, Antique was the obvious choice. I ordered five yards, sight unseen, and held my breath.

I love this fabric. It's thick and soft and has just enough mottling to look interesting without distracting from the embroidery. It'll definitely be my first choice next time I'm looking for something with texture to embroider on or use as a background.

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