Saturday, June 30, 2012

Amy's messy sewing room dare

Amy over at Amy's Creative Side is daring us to show off our messes.

Remember all of that gorgeous progress I made on my sewing room? I kind of undid it when I cleaned up my sewing corner in the dining room and hauled everything back upstairs.

This is okay. It's actually better, because unless I do something dumb like posting pictures on my blog, I'm the only one who will see it. Now I can sort through it all at my own pace without anyone else looking over my shoulder.

It's more organized than it was before I started. I've pulled out most of the stuff that didn't belong in the sewing room and I've shifted the yarn to one side of the room and the fabric to the other side. Backings are in one big box. Sheets are in another.

WIPs are in boxes on the desk, which need to be stacked more carefully so I can have the desk back... There's a big stack of baby quilts by the steamer trunk that I can take down to the pregnancy center... and when I went up to take the pictures, I found a set of Q-snaps that are larger than the ones I've been using to hold my Hocuspocusville embrodery. It's exatly what I needed to find today, and I wasn't looking for it because I thought all of the frames were disassembled and packed away.

I can work with this.

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Amy - Amy's Creative Side said...

I'm glad you found what you needed! Looks like you have a great space too :)


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