Thursday, June 14, 2012

Am I done cutting pieces for this quilt yet?

After almost three weeks of no time to work on my projects, I'm figuring out where I left off and what I want to be working on now that I've finally got a chance to play. First up, because it requires the least amount of decision making, is the drab postage stamp quilt. I did have all of the pieces for this one cut before I started cannibalizing squares for the Quilt Square Quilt Along.

While I was sorting through the dining room stash, I found some more prints to add. I've been looking for the pumpkins, which were part of the first two drab quilts, and found the others and brought them down from the sewing room.

I think this is the last of the fabric I'll be cutting for this quilt, but I've thought that before.


Mary said...

My aunt calls those muddy colors and they are her favorites. Looks like a good combo. Good luck!

Needled Mom said...

It looks like a great combination to me.


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